susie gottardi design



Hey peeps! I'm Susie Gottardi.

Every time I approach a new design problem, I begin working with the intention to create fresh, smart, good looking design. As a designer, I believe very firmly in the idea of bringing beauty into the everyday. Graphic design holds a unique position astride the worlds of functionality and aesthetics, and strong design work can live easily in both. In my own practice as a graphic designer, I am constantly striving to create work that effectively communicates a message in a way that is unique, as well as visually appealing.

Type is an integral part of my work, as I enjoy typography both as an art form as well as means of communication. In all of my work, I try to allow my illustrative hand to show; by encouraging personality to live within the mark, I am able to design work that is playful, engaging, effective and lots of fun.

If you want to work together, or just want get to know me a little better, my CV is available upon request.